Sweet Potato Latkes Recipe

Often served to celebrate Hanukkah, latkes can really be enjoyed any time of year, as they make the perfect side dish to so many mains. A type of potato pancake or fritter, you will up the nutrients by using sweet potatoes. They also deliver a great taste to these latkes. Adults and kids both love them, and some folks even […]

Avocado Toast Recipe 5 Ways

You know when something gets so popular that it even gets made fun of? Lattes, grandmas TikToking, robotic vacuums, etc. But now add avocado toast to that list. When did it become a thing? Australia claims to be its birthplace, as the first menu that listed this magical dish was 1993 by the Sydney chef Bill Granger. Next, in a 1999 column for The Guardian newspaper, […]

Greek Chicken Souvlaki Recipe

Greece is known for its whole-food based Mediterranean diet that is impressively healthy and tastes amazing, too! When it comes to Greek food, souvlaki definitely tops the list of most popular dishes. To get the most out of this chicken souvlaki recipe, I recommend using organic, free-range chicken to really up the health factor of this mouth-watering recipe. So what is chicken souvlaki exactly? […]

Slow Cooker Chicken and Rice Recipe

One of the most-used tools in my kitchen is the slow cooker. It’s the great cooking equalizer — even if you have no experience cooking, slow cooker chicken recipes allow you to just dump all the ingredients, let the pot do its magic and have a delicious meal ready several hours later. One of my favorite go-to recipes is this slow cooker chicken […]

Chicken Bone Broth Recipe

Bone broth is one of the most nutritious foods you can consume, including popular chicken bone broth. Rich in nutrients like collagen, gelatin and glycine, chicken bone broth is friendly on the joints and provides a host of amino acids. Are the benefits of chicken bone broth from your local grocery store the same? For starters, you have no idea exactly […]