9 Common Poses Most Likely to Trigger Yoga Injuries, Plus How to Overcome & Avoid Them

According to estimates, more than 30 million people now regularly practice yoga worldwide. And 14 million of those include Americans who received a prescription for yoga from a physician or other therapist. (1) People have practiced yoga for thousands of years. During that time, the practice has earned a strong reputation for promoting well-being in both body and mind. However, something many practitioners may not realize is […]

The 9 Best Yoga Poses for Your Gut [Digest + Detox]

Yoga is a go-to remedy to reduce tight-muscle tension. But there’s so much more to it. For instance, today we can actually see how yoga changes your brain. And while it’s true that sometimes we put too much focus on how “bendy” we can be in a yoga pose — like how far we can take our hands to the floor […]

How Yoga Changes Your Brain (It’s a Good Thing!)

Did you ever wonder how yoga changes your brain? As it turns out, that post-session happiness you feel isn’t just in your head. Using brain scans, scientists can now prove that yoga actually changes your brain chemistry. And that’s a good thing. Just like practicing tai chi moves, using yoga as a form of exercise and meditation can help naturally treat a range of […]