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Avocado Toast Recipe 5 Ways

You know when something gets so popular that it even gets made fun of? Lattes, grandmas TikToking, robotic vacuums, etc. But now add avocado toast to that list. When did it become a thing? Australia claims to be its birthplace, as the first menu that listed this magical dish was 1993 by the Sydney chef Bill Granger. Next, in a 1999 column for The Guardian newspaper, […]

6 Ways to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

About 18 percent of people report “usually concealing their teeth in photos,” many due to being embarrassed over the yellow appearance of their teeth. Having great teeth is very important in our culture today — hence the growing number of people using white strips and whitening paste as part of their oral care at home or turning to professional in-office whitening treatments. Your teeth […]

Castor Oil Benefits for Skin, Hair, Constipation and More

For centuries, at the first sign of illness, many parents and grandparents would immediately turn to giving their children castor oil, either topically or internally, to naturally boost immune function and speed up healing. Folk healers worldwide have also used it to treat a wide variety of health conditions for thousands of years. For example, the reputed benefits of castor […]

Study Highlights Benefits of Cranberries for Brain Health

We know from recent news that cranberries have a positive effect on heart health, and guess what? The fruit is back at it again, this time with trial results showing it can benefit brain function, too. A recent study evaluating cranberries for brain health shows that daily consumption can improve memory in older adults, likely because of its high flavonoid content. Study Findings: […]

Tropical Acai Bowl Recipe with Mango and Hemp Seeds

I still love the breakfast trend of acai bowls. You’ve likely seen this Brazilian import gracing your Instagram feed, but if you haven’t eaten one yet, you’re in for a real treat. Luckily, you can easily skip buying overpriced acai bowls at cafes and make your own with this acai bowl recipe instead. What Is An Acai Bowl? Acai is actually […]

Study Finds Artificial Sweeteners May Increase Risk of Heart Disease

The dangers of artificial sweeteners are well-known, with research linking consumption to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity and cancer. Additionally, a large-scale prospective study published in September 2022 found that artificial sweetener intake was associated with a greater chance of developing cardiovascular disease. As if you needed another reason to stop using these chemical-laced sweeteners, all signs point to them being extremely […]

What Is Endive Good For? Top 5 Benefits of This Leafy Green

The endive is a common vegetable found at most supermarkets across the country. Unfortunately, it can be a bit intimidating, as most people are unsure know how to use it and opt for more familiar leafy greens, such as arugula, Romaine or spinach instead. However, going out of your comfort zone and giving this flavorful veggie a try can bring a hearty dose of nutrients, […]

Capsaicin Benefits for Cancer, Diabetes & the Brain

Do you love the spicy flavor that peppers have to offer? Then you’re in luck, because capsaicin may help you prevent cancer, fight diabetes and even relieve pain. Known as the spice factor in peppers, capsaicin gives those delicious veggies their heat. With the exception of the bell pepper, capsaicin is generally synonymous with peppers. It’s also one of the features of cayenne […]

6 Expert Tips for Healthier Skin in Winter

The chilly season is not your skin’s best friend. One look at dull, flakey skin proves this point, but what would you say if we told you that winter no longer has to be your skin’s enemy? Would you embrace all the season has to offer and possibly get outdoors more to take in all the fun winter activities? Or […]