Sweet Potato Brownies Recipe

Brownies are one of my favorite desserts. How could they not be: they’re chocolatey, creamy and simple to make. But are they healthy? Well, with these sweet potato brownies, you don’t have to worry anymore. Secret Ingredients You might be confused about how sweet potatoes could play a role in a homemade brownie recipe. Do they make the brownies taste […]

Black Bean Brownies Recipe

Rich, chocolatey, decadent brownies definitely are a dessert option that makes many mouths water. The only problem is most brownies are loaded with sugar and carbs but devoid of valuable nutrients — but not my black bean brownies recipe. This brownie recipe lets you have the dessert without the guilt. These healthy black bean brownies are absolutely delicious and also packed with […]

Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe

Mmm, peppermint patties. These delicious little snacks seem to pop up in stores around the holidays, and, boy, are they good. But if you’ve ever seen the ingredients list on some of the packaged patties, you already know that peppermint patties aren’t the healthiest dessert. That is, until these homemade peppermint patties came onto the scene! How to Make the […]