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How to Avoid Digestive Enzymes Side Effects

If you’re someone who struggles with digestive issues, such as acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease or nutrient malabsorption (a common problem among elderly adults), then digestive enzymes may be one of many dietary supplements that can help offer you relief. When we take these enzymes in supplement form we can benefit by more easily absorbing nutrients from our diets. […]

The Health Benefits of Swimming + Swim Workouts to Try

Swimming is a sport that many of us seem to do often when we’re young but then slack off on as we age. According to statistics, children swim more than adults, and in past generations, people tended to swim more in general. If you haven’t hit a swimming pool in some time or find yourself swimming only during warmer months, you’re missing […]

Shallots: the Type of Onion with Cancer-Fighting and Heart-Improving Properties

Historically, the shallot has been used for both for its nutritional and aromatic properties in Indian, Asian, French and Mediterranean cooking. Are shallots good for you? You bet. They not only add a sweet and pungent flavor to recipes, but they also come loaded with antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C and some important minerals, too. The shallot is considered an important plant […]

10 Uses for Coffee Grounds, Including a Body Scrub

If you make coffee at home every morning, you may be used to chucking the coffee grounds in the garbage afterwards. Yes, they keep the scent of coffee lingering in your kitchen for hours or days, but research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry points out that used coffee grounds are a massively produced residue that are causing environmental problems. […]

Best Leg Workouts for Women & That Produce Results

It is very common for women to dislike the shape of their legs, and you will often hear women say, “These are not the legs I want!” But that doesn’t mean you cannot have the legs you want. There are some great exercises and activities that you can incorporate into your daily life that will completely transform your legs — […]

Top 20 Summer Fruits and How to Add Them to Your Diet

In the summertime, things get a whole lot more colorful, including your plates. With so many fruits and vegetables in season throughout the warmer months, it’s time to crowd those meals with fresh, delicious and nutrient-rich summer fruits. They can be added to salads, spreads, smoothies, cocktails, sauces and desserts — and are be at peak flavor. These tart, sweet […]

Weight Loss in Children: How to Lose Weight for Kids

Nearly two-thirds of this U.S. group are overweight. In fact, 17 percent are obese, with the rate tripling from 1971 to 2011. (1) Worst of all, these folks are being exposed to a whole host of health issues that were previously quite rare in this group. Who am I talking about? Children, of course, which is why it’s so important to learn […]

MIND Diet Plan Benefits: Can It Really Help Stave Off Alzheimer’s?

According to recent research, at least one in three Alzheimer’s disease cases worldwide is preventable. One of the closest things we know of to a natural Alzheimer’s treatment is a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet. That’s because foods like vegetables, fruit, nuts and fish are high in antioxidants, healthy fats and other phytochemicals that help protect the brain from disease. According to many studies, the Mediterranean and DASH […]

Kratom: Harmful Substance or Safe Drug Addiction Treatment?

What is kratom? This botanical substance is often used to get people off hard drugs like heroin and opioids, and it’s been labeled as a “drug and chemical of concern” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Why? Because despite its effectiveness at curbing addiction to certain drugs, there’s now evidence that users can become addicted to kratom itself. […]

How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day?

Calories — specifically daily calorie intake — are always a hot topic. “How many calories should I eat a day?” It’s a tricky question to answer, seeing as daily calorie intake depends on a number of factors, including height, weight, activity level, gender, age, diet and so much more. It also depends on your goals. For instance, if you’re overweight […]